Research backing the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids keeps piling up as years pass. The evidence is so overwhelming that the most conservative health professionals have jumped on the bandwagon. Nutritionist Dr. Dean Ornish, known for advocating whole foods, recommended taking a fish oil supplement in his TED talk entitled “Dean Ornish on Healing”.

“If you don’t remember anything else from this talk, 3 grams a day of fish oil can reduce the risk of a heart attack and sudden death by 50 to 80 percent” said Ornish.

As a practicing doctor he developed a diet plus simple interventions that actually reversed heart disease without surgery. In the past, this was thought impossible. Clearly bad lifestyle choices can harm our health, but now we know that good ones can potentially reverse the damage.

Of course the health benefits don’t stop at heart health. The brain for example is 60 percent fat, so fatty acids are important building blocks for our body. The numerous benefits could fill another article. Let’s get to the meat of it and take a look at popular fish oils offered by Carlson.

Staying active is crucial to good health, however it is equally important to stay hydrated, especially in the hot sun. Bottled water can replace diminished fluids, however it will not restore electrolytes that are lost through the sweat glands. Sports drinks are formulated with electrolytes but also contain tons of sugar, calories and artificial flavors. Now, there is a natural solution that was previously overlooked: coconut water.

What is Zico Coconut Water?

Zico coconut water is a natural beverage usually sold in 1-liter boxes. It contains 100% pure coconut water and is infused with natural flavor essences. Drinking it replaces essential electrolytes as well as minerals, lost due to sweating. This makes it an ideal workout companion.  If electrolytes aren’t replaced, muscles can get cramped and sore. After long workouts the potassium and calcium loss may even lead to muscle weakness and an abnormal heart beat. A single serving has more potassium than a banana, which is typically considered one of the best sources of potassium.

How Many Calories Does Coconut Water Contain?

For those who are watching their calorie intake, Zico coconut water has only sixty calories per serving and is completely fat free with no added sugar. Because of the natural carbohydrates found in the coconut, it has fifteen grams of carbs, but when exercising in the heat particularly exercise that lasts more than an hour, carbohydrates are needed as fuel.